3×3 Official Rules


The tournament is open to players of at least 50% East/Southeast Asian descent. The definition of a player of East/Southeast Asian decent is as follows: at least one parent must be of 100% East/Southeast Asian heritage. (Nationalities are as follows: Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, Burmese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporeans and Japanese) The burden of proof is on the player. If a player’s eligibility is challenged, then he/she must present documentation that is legible (questions – please email us).

TOURNAMENT FORMAT: each team is guaranteed to play in at least 3 games throughout the tournament. In the playoff round/championship round, it’s WIN AND ADVANCE. A loss and your team is done. Good Luck

1. Each team will consist of a maximum of four players. All players must be of at least 50% East/Southeast Asian descent. See ELIGIBILITY ABOVE.

  1. A player is not allowed to play on more than one team in the tournament. All rosters are final at the deadline to register date. Only those players on the roster sheet/entry form are eligible to play on that team. Teams caught using an ineligible player will forfeit all games played. No changes will be allowed regardless of injury.
  2. We reserve the right to verify a player’s nationality, age, height, and playing experience. Each player is required to have some form of I.D. on days of the tournament. Failure to do so will result in forfeit or removal from the tournament. The burden of proof is on you.
  3. All teams will be guaranteed to play in at least three scheduled games. Beginning with the Playoff Round – the format will be single elimination.
  4. 15 minutes or first to score 25 points. The last minute of regulation time will be stop time (clock stops on made baskets). Overtime is 1 minute running time, 1 minute stop time. Alternate possession after each basket.
  1. Scoring: 2 points for baskets made inside the 3 point line; 3 points for each basket made outside the 3-point arc. Foul shots are worth 1 point each and players will not line up in the lane.
  1. Each player is allowed five personal fouls. After fouling out, a player cannot reenter game. Technical fouls count as team and personal fouls. All technical fouls are two shots and the ball. One and one begins on the teams ninth foul. Two shot bonus begins on the teams 13th foul.
  2. One timeout per game and does not carry into overtime. Overtime = 1 timeout.
  3. Absolutely no fighting is allowed. Subject to dismissal from the tournament.
  4. We reserve the right to reduce the number of scheduled games, or shorten games, postpone or cancel event due to unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Absolutely no refunds will be given due to postponement of event.
  6. Each team must wear same color shirts, with numbers .
  7. Missed Shots: after a missed shot and rebound by the other team, ball must be brought back behind the 3 point line – two feet.
  8. No substitutions after a made basket. Only during a dead ball or time out.
  9. A basket MUST be attempted within 30 seconds, else the official will signal that there are 10 seconds remaining for the team to attempt a shot at the basket. If a shot is not attempted at the end of the 10 second count, the team will forfeit possession. Stalling or holding the ball with time running down is NOT allowed and will be enforced by the court monitor/referee at his/her sole discretion.

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