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Phenom Sportswear is a company that specializes in the customization of sportswear for any kind of sport. If you need uniforms for your basketball team, jerseys for your soccer team, or outfits for your cheerleading squad, we have everything you need right under our roof. We specialize not only in the creation of the clothing that will be worn by your athletes, but also in the printing of various unique and customized designs for these.

Phenom uses the latest technology in printing designs on your jerseys and this is the dye sublimation method. This printing method gives you high quality, detailed prints that are photo-lab quality, giving you the kinds of jerseys that are world-class. This produces the kind of jerseys that you see being worn by professional leagues locally and around the world.

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Wellness Essentials: NOW AVAILABLE

Custom designs to help keep you and those around you safe at home, at work, and anywhere you may need to go throughout the coronavirus pandemic.